Momas and Dadas: New Genres Project House is pleased to debut a collection of historical pirated video work by 10 influential artists, never-before-seen in Las Vegas.
Vito Acconci
Joseph Beuys
Chris Burden
Mike Kelley
Yves Klein
George Kuchar
Paul McCarthy
Bruce Nauman
Tony Ourlser
Charlemagne Palestine

Acting as a supplement, rather than an alternative to the gender biased trope, currently circulating the Vegas scene, ‘Cherry Boys’ pays homage to a handful of powerful, intelligent ‘people’ who have influenced contemporary art, as we know it today.

Video screening hosted by Artist Michael Barrett.
December 5th, 2013, 7-10pm

There will be cake!!!
We look forward to seeing you.

More information:

Momas and Dadas: New Genres Project House
926b South Casino Center Blvd.
Las Vegas, NV

“I pity the fool that doesn’t come to this important exhibition featuring ten pirated videos from some of the most passionate figures in art history” – Mr. T

“The ‘Boys’ show is terrific: open, thought-provoking, diverse, sensual, intelligent and fun. Cowboy Curtis and I love it” – Paul Reubens

“These are “individuals” who have chaired departments, directed museums and raised families. They are adept with power tools and can effortlessly segway from talking politics to passions. They share a resilience associated with the western spirit. These Cherry Boys know how to get it done…OH!!!“ – Andrew Dice Clay


do it: Las Vegas Style – 100 Things To Do in Vegas for $100 or Less

do it Las Vegas Style

do it: Las Vegas Style – 100 Things To Do in Vegas for $100 or Less

100 ideas by 100 artists

do it – the exhibition between actualization and virtualization, repetition and difference. Originally published in conjunction with the traveling exhibition, conceived and curated by Hans-Ulrich Obrist, “do it”, has finally arrived in Vegas with a unique twist.

Congratulations Preferred Player!
You have been awarded 100 conceptual dollars to spend in the fabulous resort city of Las Vegas. What happens to the money is entirely up to you, so there is no need to be shy, you are in Vegas!!!

The collection of 100 things to do, will be published via blurb, (paperback & e-book) and available through their online library, making it a great tool for those navigating Las Vegas with an artist’s perspective and budget.

From the 100 ideas, 10 will be performed by an unknown person in real time, documented via video/photographs, and included in an exhibition and additional dvd/book combo.

Remember…you only have 100 bucks to blow!
Please submit your ideas by messaging us here or via email:

We really look forward to hearing from you.

*All proceeds will be donated to the American Cancer Society.