Goals & Objectives

* Momas and Dadas: New Genres Project House is a sponsored project of Fractured Atlas, a not-for-profit arts service organization. Fractured Atlas will receive grants and donations on behalf of Momas and Dadas, provide oversight to ensure that grant funds are used in accordance with grant agreements, and provide reports as required by the grantor.



Goal 1. To provide a sustainable mixed-use exhibition space for artists working in New Genres.


* Perform collective research and report on the spacial needs and desires of the creative class among the
residents of the Las Vegas metropolitan area.

* Develop a volunteer group of artists to begin programming a New Genres venue with a regional draw.

* Arrange the necessary space and infrastructure for artists to exhibit their projects.

Exhibition Program Summary:

Momas and Dadas Project House is the only venue in Las Vegas devoted to exhibiting New Genres based work. We support and develop ideas that explore this evolving creative medium with an undefined set of core materials. Using concept as a point of origin, our projects and exhibitions question the boundaries of contemporary art, by engaging in processes of performance, installation, video production and other emerging art forms. Our unique environment fosters innovative critical discourses and practice-based exchanges and interactions between visionaries and audiences in Southern Nevada. We offer visceral experiences and challenging works of art by the current generation of artists, whether emerging, mid career or established through juried exhibitions, open calls, workshops and residency projects.

Goal 2. To offer short-term residencies for guest artists.


* Identify and contact local, regional and international artists working in New Genres.

* Establish a fund to provide for guest artist travel expenses to and from the residency space.

* Provide guest artists with space to exhibit and time to critically examine aspects of their artwork while engaging
new ideas and technologies being used in contemporary art.

Residency Program Summary:

Momas and Dadas short-term residency program provides guest artists with a space and the necessary infrastructure in order for the participants to carry out their projects while investigating and challenging the parameters of performance, video, sound, language and technology. This opportunity functions as a laboratory for experimentation with any medium in relationship to the topic. Guest artists are encouraged to perform collective research, including drawing of parallels between current performance and social practices and attempt to locate them within historic, economic, sociopolitical, and aesthetic contexts. Exhibitions of various guest artists’ work provide a springboard for discussion of theory, practical application, and critical thinking, in both historical and contemporary terms.

Goal 3. To promote artist-run workshops with a focus on installation, video, sound, performance, digital, hybrid       and new technologies.


* Recruit volunteer artists and teachers to design biweekly workshops and classes.

* Enroll participants in free artist-run formal and informal lectures, seminar-based
dialogue, and structured group critiques.

* Curate group exhibitions of work created during workshops and critiques

Workshop Program Summary:

Momas and Dadas Project House is committed to educating artists and visionaries for the contemporary world by addressing ongoing global, sociopolitical, and cultural changes, as well as incorporating new technologies as tools for innovative art making. Our free artist-run workshops help participants to better articulate and implement artistic intentions and develop a broader, more sophisticated understanding of contemporary art issues. Lectures, discussions, and critiques expand understanding of New Genres and help artists further develop their own visual language. Members refine their ability to critically think and dialogue about art and visual culture, and are better able to apply these skills to their own work by means of group exhibitions, public performances, social events, and curating opportunities.


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