‘Youthopia’ @ Momas and Dadas New Genres Project House this First Friday – September 6th, 7-9pm in the Las Vegas Arts District!!!

LIVE ART/LIVE BAND – Youth finds utopia in art and music. A fusion of performance art and live music using a slab of broken pavement as center stage.

Performances by…

WEKO: West End Knock Out is a hard rock band from Henderson, NV who’s music draws influence from such bands as Avenged Sevenfold, Metallica, Green Day, and System of a Down among others.

Nocturne is a rock band covering music from artists such as the All-American Rejects, U2, Fall Out Boy, and Imagine Dragons. Nocturne utilizes alternative instruments not included in the average rock band such as saxophone, trombone, and trumpet giving the band a slight twist.

RE:SOURCE: “Take me, I’m yours”- Complimentary Las Vegas hotel shampoo, lotion, body wash, etc… will be on display and available for the general public.

Curated by Jevijoe Vitug.

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First Friday – August 2nd, 6-9pm
Momas and Dadas: 926 S. Casino Center Blvd. Las Vegas, NV. 89101

In line with the summer art residency program, Momas and Dadas New Genres Project House is hosting…

FLIPSIDE, a one-night-only event and exhibition in collaboration with the Re:source Art and Development, created by artist Jevijoe Vitug.

FLIPSIDE investigates the wonder of the other side. The term, coined for the B side of wax records and cassette tapes, relates to physical action necessary to acquire new information. Having been a resident artist in the intense Las Vegas heat for over 4 weeks, Jevijoe Vitug recontextualizes the term and refers to the interior and exterior architecture of Momas and Dadas Project House, as side A and side B.

Aside from his studio work inside the project house, the artist uses the outdoor area as an open art space in collaboration with non-profit groups and communities. For this event, various activities will happen within the block of Momas and Dadas New Genres Project House.

a. Wheat paste paintings entitled “Flipside portraits”. Made of recycled foamboard, neon paint, paper and wheat paste, the paintings portray young people “flipping” various facial expressions. This includes portraits of young skateboarders from the Winchester Skate Team, in which Vitug has conducted an art workshop.

b. Temporary sculpture at the park – Prop from a previous window display will be reused and transformed into a contemporary sculpture.

c. Temporary skateboard alley – The Winchester Skate Team will design a DIY ramp and rail in the back alley space.

d. Installation art entitled “Looking Suspicious”, Jevijoe uses a vacant space in between the houses as an installation site in response to violence against youth.

Re:source Art and Development is an art initiative dedicated to the archiving, collaboration, research and development of locally based resources. Using the transformative potential of art as a bridge between available resources and immediate communities in need and helping them achieve their various advocacy.

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Momas and Dadas: New Genres Project House welcomes artist-in-residence, Jevijoe Vitug!

Meet & greet resident artist, Jevijoe Vitug this summer at Momas and Dadas: New Genres Project House. The public is cordially invited to his “Livelihood” open studio event, this First Friday, July 5th from 8-11pm in Downtown Las Vegas.

Inspired by Warhol’s “Factory”, Vitug has coined the term, “Livelihood” as the name of his work space. According to the artist, his studio is a life support where, it is not an ideal place to earn a livelihood, yet it is a basic necessity of an artist’s life.

For the Momas and Dadas Summer Residence Program, Vitug will re-create his “Livelihood” studio and reveal many of his daily rituals such as, singing karaoke in between painting sessions. He will also present his latest body of work entitled “Neon period”, a series of representational paintings, depicting the city of Las Vegas and its people, as a manifestation of constant reinvention.

Jevijoe Vitug is a New Genres artist living and working in Las Vegas, Nevada. His art practice includes performance, site-specific projects, curating, painting and often involves notions of survival intertwined with reinvention and interconnectivity.

Vitug relocated to Las Vegas in 2009, after studying New Genres at the San Francisco Arts Institute, and has since been actively involved in the local Las Vegas art scene. He co-organized the 2012 London Biennale Satellite event in Las Vegas, and in addition to Momas and Dadas, 2013 Summer Residency Program, Vitug is currently working on a project titled, “Re:Source, a non-for-profit initiative dedicated to archiving, research and development of local resources, and art making.

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Momas and Dadas: New Genres Project House, short-term residency program provides guest artists with a space and the necessary infrastructure in order for the participants to carry out their projects while investigating and challenging the parameters of performance, video, sound, language and technology.

Guest artists are encouraged to perform collective research, including drawing of parallels between current performance and social practices and attempting to locate them within historic, economic, sociopolitical, and aesthetic contexts. Exhibitions of various guest artists’ work provide a springboard for discussion of theory, practical application, and critical thinking, in both historical and contemporary terms.

The Traveling Miracle Show

Traveling Miracle Show

Traveling Miracle Show


First Stop For The Traveling Miracle Show…

From the heart of a miraculous metropolis in the desert, comes a group of artists producing modern-day marvels. The Traveling Miracle Show doesn’t claim to offer a cure-all elixir for rheumatism, baldness & bad breath, but it does promise an evening of astonishing spectacle and miraculous events. The intrepid viewer may encounter mystical beasts, a human cactus, melancholic black bile, an infinite fountain of alcohol, the root of good and evil, and a ‘sin-eating’ delicacy.

This one-night art installation and performance event will be held at the new experimental art venue Momas and Dadas Project House by the 18b sign on Casino Center in the heart of the Arts District. The Las-Vegas-based artists participating in the first Traveling Miracle event have established reputations in the fields of video, performance and installation. They are Artist Michael Barrett, Nathan Coté, Matthew Couper, Brent Holmes, Jenessa Kenway, JK Russ and Jevijoe Vitug.

With the assistance of a funding grant from the Nevada Arts Council, the artists will be taking The Traveling Miracle Show on the road in Nevada, with a second event scheduled for Reno Art Works in mid-April.


First Friday April 5th 6:00 – 11:00 PM

Performance Schedule:

6:00 PM onwards ‘Sin Eater’ performance

7:00 – 8:00 PM ‘Desert Bloom’ performance

8:00 – 9:00 PM ‘Unicorn’ performance

Momas and Dadas: New Genres Project House
926b South Casino Center Blvd, Las Vegas, NV 89101

For further information please contact:

Silverado Belle (curator): (702) 329-9569

Momas and Dadas Project House: